A Food-First Approach to Health & Wellness

60-day Course


A Food-First Approach to Health & Wellness

60-day Course


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Welcome to Culinary Rx

Culinary Rx is a highly engaging online instructional cooking and nutrition course that supports your success with CHIP. This course will provide you with the starting tools and resources to take control of your life through food and cooking. Build the confidence and skills needed for meaningful and sustained change. Start Today.

"CHIP, the flagship program of the Lifestyle Medicine movement, has shown you the ‘whys’ for choosing the plant-based, whole food lifestyle. Rouxbe, the world's leading online cooking school and our new partner, will show you ‘how’ to enhance your practical culinary skills, make you a more confident cook and help you on your journey to better health."

Hans Diehl, DrHSc, MPH, FACN

CHIP program founder and Clinical Professor of Preventative Medicine at Loma Linda University

A course that will revolutionize our entire healthcare system.

Scott Stoll, MD
Scott Stoll, MD
Neal Barnard, MD
Neal Barnard, MD
David Huneycutt, MD
David Huneycutt, MD
Julie Briley, ND
Julie Briley, ND
Michael Klaper, MD
Michael Klaper, MD
John La Puma, MD
John La Puma, MD
Michael Greger, MD
Michael Greger, MD

Online Course Highlights

  • 100% online cooking path to better health

  • Self-paced online learning & instructor support

  • Over 25 instructional videos focus on key techniques

  • Complete your course within 60 days to earn your certificate of completion

  • Step-by-step supported learning

  • Over 40 delicious plant-based, whole food recipes

  • Fun interactive knowledge quizzes

  • Practice activities that will build your confidence

  • Private student community access

  • Access to special live online Q&A events

  • Keep your course for life to refresh your learning

I'm convinced that Rouxbe has created a platform and course that will change healthcare as we know it.

Dr. Scott Stoll, MD

This was such a breakthrough for me. With this program, I finally found a way to help my patients with really learning the basics of healthy cooking. I found the program to be well designed and extremely easy to use. The food is amazing too!

Tracy Herrera, RD

So rewarding! I am no longer paralyzed by the idea of making dinner for my family. I loved how the focus was to get me cooking more and now I do cook more and I feel better.

Emily Sui

If I can learn this much about cooking healthy meals, then I am convinced that anyone can. I feel like I am in control and I can now make the food I want to eat.

Danton Parker, Student

I'm no chef, but I can make soups and salad now. My wife of 32 years cannot believe her eyes. I feel it's pretty good for an older guy who never cared much for the kitchen. It's actually pretty fun and I absolutely know it's good for me.

William Wagner, Jr.

Sample Lesson Introduction Videos

(Preview some of the video lessons in the course)

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Learning Path You Can Trust

Rouxbe courses offer an instructor-guided path that is completed entirely online, at your own pace. Whether you are looking to learn new cooking techniques, increase your confidence, expand your repertoire, or change your health, Rouxbe's learning path will help you reach your goals.

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Instructional Videos

Our learning videos are close-up featuring the cooking technique instruction you need to be successful in the kitchen. Our content includes a variety of video types such as technique focused lessons, step-by-step video recipes, and instructional videos on other topics.

Interactive Learning

Students will watch video, read text, interact with visual learning assignments, upload and share photos, interact with the learning community, submit instructor-graded assignments, attend live events with Rouxbe instructors, and even complete fun interactive quizzes.

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Your Certificate of Achievement Awaits You!

Taught by leading chef educators and medical professionals, your Culinary Rx course, powered by the Rouxbe Cooking School, delivers detailed video cooking instruction, and nutrition fundamentals to home cooks and patients that want to change their health through food choices and cooking. Completing the course will provide you with the starting tools, resources and culinary confidence to take control of your life through food and cooking. And of course you'll have a certificate to prove it. Go get it!


Course is $179.99.